What were once two bright, young, hip, attractive college seniors in North Carolina are now three bright, young, hip, and attractive people in the real world. Our old radio show, which aired on elon.edu/wsoe, now lives on through our blog and adept use of all things internet. We strive to provide the best content possible about the best characters possible (but no guarantee the best music possible, as we channel the inner beings of such characters to provide you, the reader, with the full experience of their personal preference).

Our Lineup:

Music Feature Monday
A character analysis (or alternatively: musings, half-assed blurbs, and haikus) and accompanying play list (courtesy of 8tracks).

Bands that (we believe) should be up and coming.

Commercial Break
Favorite song use in commercials (both new and old)

The Fabulous Life Of…
Bands that gained fame from appearances in movies, television, or other like media.

Variety Show
Whatever we want to talk about. It’s our blog, we can do whatever we want and you have to read it (or not but you probably should) and love it.


If you want to contact us to share an amazing artist, good television show, or just crave a really bad movie recommendation, e-mail: moviesinthenewspaper@yahoo.com


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