Sha-la-la-laaa! It’s a Sunny Day

This weekend, I watched The Brady Bunch Movie and A Very Brady Sequel. No offense to DJ Brady, the old school television show is classic good times, but these movies really make you nostalgic. They spoof everything overly ridiculous about the Bradys, like the breaking out in song for a Sears trip, to the things you sort of feel bad for laughing at in the series (but seriously, who doesn’t laugh when Marcia breaks her nose?)

I want to feature Jan Brady for this Music Monday. Not just because it’s Marcia, Marcia, Marcia all the time, but also because the Jan Brady in these films is such an incredible actress. She becomes awkward personified from the way she wears the little curls on the side of her part to her funny hair swinging walk to the way she pronounces “boyfriend.”

Jan’s record collection would consist of super cool tunes. She would probably copy some of her style from her groovy older sister, but she won’t be able to resist some more embarrassing songs keeping true to her uncool nature. We love you anyways, Jan. To listen to those tunes, click here.