Apparently I am not on the brink of discovery

Yeah. Remember that new obsession I mentioned a little bit ago? About Phoenix? And Lisztomania? Well, I had no clue how popular they were until I saw the Cadillac commerical like a billion times this past weekend:

Well, if you search Cadillac commercial in Google, you get a ton of hits, even on Wiki answers with “Who is this band? What is that song?” The song is 1901, by the way.

And, while in Las Vegas, the center of all things commercial and flash, I heard them again in one of the hotels on the strip. It was either Lisztomania or Rome, both off their new album. Geez. Can’t I ever be one of the first to discover or like a new band? Not like it makes me feel cool or anything…(yeah. I don’t even pride on me seeing Garden State on opening day. Take that, pseudo-indie hipsters) ahem. Well, Phoenix is amazing (added plus: they’re French! And adorable), and if you haven’t taken my advice in the last post, I will give you another chance to check them out right here. This video nearly has a million views on YouTube.


Chase Pagan. That is all.

Chase Pagan, of Arkansas, is going to be very big one day. This is what my crystal ball tells me. I just kind of fell in love. He was recently featured on Daytrotter, but has been around for two years before this point. Here is a video.

His voice is gorgeous. His face is gorgeous. His music is gorgeous. You should all become fans of Chase Pagan.


We are into the last half of our last semester of college. With no idea of what is going to happen next. Just a little bit scary…in a time like this, I love to listen to and watch this ’90’s music video, based on an essay that I think was written for commencement. It makes me feel all warm and happy in my tummy. It is Baz Lurhmann, with Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen).