Break off from the tree but keep your ties

The New Pornographers, a definite big name in indie music scenes, was founded in 1997 out of Vancouver. If their name doesn’t catch you, than their superpop harmonies will. The group is comprised of lead song writer and singer A.C. (Carl) Newman, John Collins, Blaine Thurier, Dan Bejar, Kathryn Calder, Kurt Dahle, Neko Case (personal fave!), and Todd Fancey. Their most recent album is Challengers, released in 2007, and was preceded by three other works. They’re still together, as a band; they did a summer tour, but members still have the time to pursue individual projects. More specifically, A.C. Newman has released his second solo album, Get Guilty, this past January (his solo debut was in 2004 with The Slow Wonder).

There is some definite New Pornographesqueness about his music, most noticeable is the harmonies (see a theme?). However, it is a little bit slower in pace, but still extremely enjoyable, especially if you are a NP (yeah, I abbrev.) fan. I particularly enjoy “There Are Maybe Ten or Twelve”. Check out his website at for more info and music.

The New Pornographers have already made their mark in television, with songs on the Office, Weeds, Heroes and more, as well as a Rock Band song. A.C. Newman has quickly jumped on the television wagon, first with a tune on an O.C. soundtrack, and then when “Prophets” was featured in the season four finale of How I Met Your Mother. So both efforts are successful…what does this mean for the future of Newman’s solo career or The New Pornographers? I know I’d like to see them both stick around for a long while.




Barney Stinson seems like your typical egotistical womanizer.  He is always wearing suits and likes to assert his own “awesomeness.”  “Awesomeness” is just one of his many catch-phrases.  He is also fond of “suit up!”  which he tells his friends when they are going out.  He frequently describes his elaborate schemes of their nightly adventures as “legendary.”  He often pauses to add a “wait for it” between the last two syllables creating more hype. He loves telling elaborate and crazy stories.


Barney is frequently asking for high-fives in different variations. ‘Relapse high-five’, ‘Phone five’, ‘Tiny five’, ‘Freeze-frame high-five’, ‘hypothetical high-five’, ‘wordplay five’, ‘arthritis five’, ‘self high five’, ‘foot five’, ‘claw five’ and ‘solemn low-five’ are a few.


He wasn’t always the womanizing high-fiving suit he is today.  He once had long haired, played guitar, and worked in a coffee shop….until his girlfriend broke his heart by cheating on him with a business guy.  His softer side does shine through occasionally making him a not so bad guy after all, but one who truly cares about his friends.


As wingman for his friend Ted, he uses the line, “Have you met Ted?” to introduce him to women.  Often not having talked to the women previously.  He has also written a book called the Bro Code that details how guys should act.  A little sample:


Bros before ho’s.

A Bro is always entitled to do something stupid, as long as the rest of his Bros are all doing it.

If a Bro gets a dog, it must be at least as tall as his knee when full-grown.

Whether he cares about sports or now, a Bro cares about sports.


His interests include women, illusionist tricks, women, laser tag, and women.


He likes 80s tunes.  His fond of music that gets you pumped up for a night on the town.  Tomorrow, we’ll have a mix of what we found on his iPod, but for now enjoy our show.