Heroes…not so much.

Since I liked the first season of Heroes, perhaps the association principle would say that I would like the fourth season. However, Heroes defies the theory of math. This is an awful season; boring, over-dramatic, weak plot…and if you haven’t seen any previous seasons there is NO WAY you are going to have a clue about what’s going on. Even the music…there was one song in last nights show (“Acceptance”, episode 4) that put me over the edge. Not only is it a pretty crappy song IMHO, but it is waayyyy to literal for the moment when it is played. Ali Larter’s character, Tracy is in the bathroom and transforms from water into person. Apparently Tracy is a triplet of Jessica and Niki (from previous seasons), and Jessica used to be the bad evil version of Niki…hence the song “Bad Body Double” (omg I know) by Imogen Heap. Just listen for a little. I would have to say that Heroes is long past it’s expiry date, and it’s time for it to be thrown in the trash.