The Golden Age of Musical Commercials

Have you seen this commercial yet?

I hope so. The song “Golden Age” by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour is featured in this commercial for Heineken and it’s extremely catchy. I swear it brings back the feeling of age old Hollywood cinema and celebrities.

The band- The Asteroids Galaxy Tour (crazy name, I know) is actually Danish and has believe-it-or-not been featured in a commercial before… for Apple’s iPod Touch!

So now the question remains… will this band move beyond the age of commercials? According to their wikipedia page they’ve been featured in a ton of television shows and, they even opened for Katy Perry!

So why “has no one heard of them” still???

Good question.


Weezer Pens Another Jingle

Just a few months ago, Weezer wrote a song for State Farm. Now, they are back to jingle writing in a new 30 second commercial for Indy Car Series (whatever that is). Personally, I think their new calling may be a good thing. These 30 second bursts are the best we’ve heard from Weezer in years.

Fiat and Panda Make a Statement

This new ad by Fiat features a Panda crash test dummy being thrown around in some car crunching lab tests. Making a statement for both the economical car and environmental conservation, this ad throws a double whammy to Europe. Although, it is kind of wierd to have a car that you are trying to sell being demolished and destroyed. I’m not sure if that was the right angle for the ad execs to go off on. However, it does draw attention to the panda, who I feel many people will have general concern for (and at least double the concern if they saw the baby panda sneezing video on YouTube).  Which is a very good thing, although it does simplify the whole ‘environmentalism’ movement and such. What makes this commercial even better is the fact that Queen’s “Save Me” is the song used. And I do love Queen. Fun fact: Brian May (guitarist from Queen) has a PhD in astronomy. Now I love them even more.

just forget about cars for a minute.

Not going to lie, this commercial is sort of creepy to me. 



Something about growing up on an assembly line doesn’t exactly say “safety” to me…but who am I to judge.  I really just love the song.  It’s “Her Morning Elegance” by Oren Lavie.  Oren is a super talented songwriter, playwright, and director.  This is what his myspace has to say about the commercial:

The aforementioned author, who has never owned a car in his life, and who has diligently ignored the invention of Television, could not stop giggling for days.
With a song in his heart he continues to take the bus.

Isn’t he cute?  You should check out the music video for this song….it’s much better than the Chevy commercial.

The Evolution of Beer

While browsing the internets, I started to reminisce about my time in Ireland this past January. While I was there, there were a plethora of Guinness ads, both print and television. At the Guinness Factory, they had a sequence of their television commercials running over and over again; and they were all pretty darn cool. I found this one, which made me happy because it relates to a course I am taking right now (Evolutionary Biology)…the song is the Rhythm of Life, but I am not sure who is singing this version. It raised a lot of havoc on the YouTube comments section, bringing up the debate of creationism versus the big bang and other scientific theories. Interesting stuff. I just like it for the beer. Yum.

Buy Me A Mercedes, Please

So, I was looking through my extensive collection of “The Best of…” album on iTunes, and came across “The Best TV Ads Ever” album. Which I didn’t even know I had, but is going to be incredibly useful. Looking through the titles, I came across one called “Mercedes Benz”; pretty self-explanatory. And then saw it was Janis Joplin. And then listened to it. And then tried to find the commercial it came from. And found it. And then started getting critical with the world of consumerism and profit and how they took a song like Joplin’s (who  isn’t all about materialism) and used it for their own, literal purpose. And realized how stupid it makes Mercedes Benz look. But then I noticed that they were British. So it was all okay in the end.

Here is the commercial:

And here is the real song, sung by Janis: Mercedes Benz by Janis Joplin

Today’s The Day!

I had no idea that a department store would actually have good taste in music. I mean, walk around one in your local mall, and you’ll see what I mean (Celine Dion, anybody?). I guess they just save all the good songs for their commercials. Take JCPenney, for example. YouTube it, and you will find a plethora of pleasing pleasant pieces. One that I like in particular features Dragonette, a Canadian/England-based electropop band with their song “Get Lucky” (click the pic to link to the song!).

But, I will share another favorite of mine with you, titled the “Today’s The Day” commercial. It features Melanie Horsnell singing a cover of Forever Thursday’s “How Can It Be”. It’s pretty cool. I should also mention that JCPenney also has one featuring a personal favorite, Regina Spektor.