The Golden Age of Musical Commercials

Have you seen this commercial yet?

I hope so. The song “Golden Age” by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour is featured in this commercial for Heineken and it’s extremely catchy. I swear it brings back the feeling of age old Hollywood cinema and celebrities.

The band- The Asteroids Galaxy Tour (crazy name, I know) is actually Danish and has believe-it-or-not been featured in a commercial before… for Apple’s iPod Touch!

So now the question remains… will this band move beyond the age of commercials? According to their wikipedia page they’ve been featured in a ton of television shows and, they even opened for Katy Perry!

So why “has no one heard of them” still???

Good question.


Weezer Pens Another Jingle

Just a few months ago, Weezer wrote a song for State Farm. Now, they are back to jingle writing in a new 30 second commercial for Indy Car Series (whatever that is). Personally, I think their new calling may be a good thing. These 30 second bursts are the best we’ve heard from Weezer in years.

Apparently I am not on the brink of discovery

Yeah. Remember that new obsession I mentioned a little bit ago? About Phoenix? And Lisztomania? Well, I had no clue how popular they were until I saw the Cadillac commerical like a billion times this past weekend:

Well, if you search Cadillac commercial in Google, you get a ton of hits, even on Wiki answers with “Who is this band? What is that song?” The song is 1901, by the way.

And, while in Las Vegas, the center of all things commercial and flash, I heard them again in one of the hotels on the strip. It was either Lisztomania or Rome, both off their new album. Geez. Can’t I ever be one of the first to discover or like a new band? Not like it makes me feel cool or anything…(yeah. I don’t even pride on me seeing Garden State on opening day. Take that, pseudo-indie hipsters) ahem. Well, Phoenix is amazing (added plus: they’re French! And adorable), and if you haven’t taken my advice in the last post, I will give you another chance to check them out right here. This video nearly has a million views on YouTube.

weakest shade of blue

I’m not sure if the Pernice Brothers were thinking about paint when writing this song, but Sherwin Williams sure was.  Pretty imagery.  Great colors.  And no annoying “Ask Sherwin Williams” jingle at the end.  Thus, I think this is an acceptable commercial.  Plus the Pernice Brothers rock…in a soothing quite way.

Sweet Videography and Effects Make Hybrid Ads Stand Outs

I’m sure you watch television. That’s why you like our blog. So I am also sure that you have seen the new Toyota Prius commercials as well as the Honda Insight commercials, both of which debuted this summer. Just in time for those road trips and ‘daycations’ (God, I hate that word), Toyota and Honda inspire one to go green and have fun doing it. First let us discuss Honda’s Insight ad.

It’s so cute! But, what you really need to know is the music: it’s The Mostar Diving Club with “Honey Tree”. On MySpace, he only has 607 friends…so by measure of obscurity via internet social sites, this guy is still pretty unkown to those besides the folks at Honda and his devoted followers. Also check out “Medicine Song”, another favorite of mine by him (the band is a solo project by Damian Katkhuda).

Here is one of the new Prius commercials, one of my favorite ads out right now. If you go to the Toyota website, there’s a video that talks about the making of the series of commercials. Pretty much involves green screens and computers. The artist is Petra Haden with her song “Let Your Love Flow”.

What do you think, do either of those commercials grab your attention enough to consider test driving one of these babies?

Palm Pre Girl Freaks Me Out.

Am I alone in that feeling?  The first commercial wasn’t bad:

Sure, it’s a little creepy that she’s alone on a rock surrounded by a dancing cult of orange-clad…ninjas?  Still, the scene is serene.  The number of times she says “life” and the flow-like nature of the ad is peacefully complimented by M83’s electric “Lower Your Eyelids to Die with the Sun.” (Although, come to think of it…..that title is not really comforting).

Then, all these spots with just the Palm Pre girl came out.  This one has to be the most disturbing.

She seems to be displaying almost schizophrenic-like symptoms.  She talks to people who aren’t there and even agrees that her phone (which, according to her can read her mind) knows she is crazy.  

She’s like this pale alien whose low hypnotic voice with constant pauses is a bit creepy.  Her (unofficial) twitter account (@palmpregirl) capitalizes on this with constant periods…it’s like you’re reading a telegram.

here comes the night time with mojitos.

From the first piano chords of this commercial, I was hooked.  I love how the guy drifts between different historical periods to get “the original mojito.”  The outfits are stunning!  And, of course, the song really completes this ad.

The Beatles wannabes in the commercial aren’t the artists of this incredible track.  It is “Daylight” by Matt & Kim.  These Brooklyn musicians are new to me, but have been around the indie scene since 2004. “Daylight” is from their second album, Grand, which came out in January.  The album is named for Grand Street, where they live.  The entire album definitely feels like Brooklyn. I highly recommend it.  I’ve heard their live concerts are truly something to experience.  They like the festival scene and definitely bring the energy necessary for a festival show.  They sound like such a good time, I’m considering dropping $100 to check them out in Street Scene in San Diego.