Happy Birthday!

Today is DJ Brady’s Birthday and we just had to give her a big ol shoutout here on the blog. Enjoy this ridiculous youtube video featuring The Beatles


Royal Wedding Madness Playlist!

Are you beyond excited for the wedding of the century? Have you bought your Will & Kate Refrigerator yet?

(yes it exists)

DJ Huxtable, now known to her loyal subjects as HM Queen Haley Prudence Hennesberton of Denvershire (yes you too can be royal) is so excited she may not be able to sleep tonight. Meanwhile, DJ Starbuck and DJ Brady are both baffled by the amount of press this event is getting and are trying to remain sane.

To honor this momentous and ridiculously publicized occasion, we are bringing you a very smashing playlist full of the very finest British pop music to ever be played at a wedding. Or in this case, not at a wedding. Seriously, it’s that bad. I mean good.

Yes, that’s right. MITN’s first ever Royal Wedding Playlist!

Full Playlist Here

Wondering what didn’t make the list?

– Jolly Holiday – Mary Poppins (too silly)

-White Wedding – Billy Idol (too ironic)

-Every Breath You Take – The Police (too creepy)

-You Are So Beautiful – Joe Cocker (too sweet)

-In my Life – The Beatles (too obvious)

-Every other Coldplay song (too awful)

Record Store Day!

As many of you already know, today is Record Store Day! Record stores across the country are having special events, releases, give-aways, and concerts! To find a record store nearest you visit the Record Store Day website.

Many music websites have been posting lists of special releases that will be available today. Pitchfork has released their guide to the day and Paste just named 30 releases they believe are deserving of your dough.

We at Movies in the Newspaper are of course excited to jump into the record store action. But unlike our fellow music blogs we have decided to do something a little different. Today we will share with you the best of the worst. The worst album covers that is.

So without further ado:

MITN Presents: Top Ten Best of the Worst Album Covers Ever!

 (The juxtaposition of these two covers on this list was no happy accident)

We have no idea either.

Also the winner of the most depressing album cover ever

 This is just ridiculous on so many levels. MC Pooh?

 The best part of this cover? The fact that one of these men is now NY congressman.

And an added bonus:

Hope you enjoyed our best of the worst!

For more albums to avoid solely based on their terrible artwork check out these links.

Happy Record Store Day everyone!

Countdown to Shutdown: Songs of Crisis

Well hello!

It seems as though we have all survived the events of today! And it also seems that the crisis has been solved!

Wait what is that? Something about a short-term measure….?

Well, in any case we asked you to help us come up with some great songs that really captured the emotions of today and you didn’t let us down. So without further ado:


Countdown to Shutdown


We are asking for submissions for our upcoming segment:

Countdown to Shutdown: Songs of Crisis

So head on over to our tumblr (or respond to this post) and submit songs, videos, lyrics…. Give us music that you think is the ultimate theme song to this governmental crisis!

And stay tuned! The playlist will be posted at midnight (EDT) tonight!

Koothrappali’s Tunes

A witty little show you may not be watching is The Big Bang Theory.   The show is about a geeky group of physicists and how their world turns around when a hot neighbor moves next door. While the series is primarily about the hot neighbor, Penny, and the guys across the hall, Sheldon and Leonard, we wanted to feature someone else on the show: Rajesh Koothrappali.  He is the shy ine who doesn’t have many lines but often he steals the scence much like the Marx brothers’ Harpo…but instead of chasing girls, he is often found running away from them.

He is physically unable to speak in front of women, a condition Leonard’s psychiatric mother called selective mutism.  This social anxiety is suppressed with alcohol, but Koothrappali is an obnoxious drunk.

As you can guess by his name, Koothrappali is from India.  While he despises Indian food, we think he would listen to Bollywood classics.  He is obviously a fan of the genre, because when discovered a planetary object beyond the Kuiper Belt, he named it “PlanetBollywood.” Stayed tune for songs from Koothrappali’s iPod.