Got a secret?

Can you keep it? This might not be too much of a secret….but my guilty pleasure is really bad teenage dramas. I’m not talking about Twilight, I do have standards. However, set me in front of Gossip Girl or Make It or Break It and I can’t look away. My new latest obsession has been Pretty Little Liars. It’s so bad I even had to read the books while the show was in hiatus. I can’t even claim I watch the show for the good music (like I did when I watched The OC) , because the music kind of sucks. However, I know the Little Liars would listen to better things. Especially Aria.

Aria Montgomery is Rosewood’s “weird girl.” In the books she was a loner who knitted mohair bras before the lovely Allison snatch her up from loserdom. I like her because she’s original. She has a vintage style and is very put together. Plus she has an illicit affair with the hot teacher. The girl has it going on.

Having spent a year abroad in Iceland, I feel her musical tastes would lean toward foreign bands. Without further ado, click here to see what’s playing on Aria’s Zune.


Sha-la-la-laaa! It’s a Sunny Day

This weekend, I watched The Brady Bunch Movie and A Very Brady Sequel. No offense to DJ Brady, the old school television show is classic good times, but these movies really make you nostalgic. They spoof everything overly ridiculous about the Bradys, like the breaking out in song for a Sears trip, to the things you sort of feel bad for laughing at in the series (but seriously, who doesn’t laugh when Marcia breaks her nose?)

I want to feature Jan Brady for this Music Monday. Not just because it’s Marcia, Marcia, Marcia all the time, but also because the Jan Brady in these films is such an incredible actress. She becomes awkward personified from the way she wears the little curls on the side of her part to her funny hair swinging walk to the way she pronounces “boyfriend.”

Jan’s record collection would consist of super cool tunes. She would probably copy some of her style from her groovy older sister, but she won’t be able to resist some more embarrassing songs keeping true to her uncool nature. We love you anyways, Jan. To listen to those tunes, click here.

My name is Peggy Olson, and I’d like to smoke some marijuana.

What better way to give tribute to this past weekend’s Record Store Day than by featuring a character who has a kick-ass record collection. When talking about Mad Men, the show about the glamour age of Madison Avenue and the three martini lunch, everyone automatically thinks of suave Don Draper. At Movies in the Newspaper, we happen to think of a heroine, Ms. Peggy Olson.

No character has evolved more than Peggy. She first started on the show as a conservative, Brooklynite secretary. Four seasons later she becomes a marijuana smoking, stripteasing senior copywriter. You can’t help but admire a woman who breaks through extremely thick glass ceiling in the old boys’ club of the advertising world.

The following mix is compromised of tunes from women that Peggy may have identified with during lonely nights after work, with a Chubby Checker song thrown in the mix because the girl also knows how to party:

My City is Cooler than Your City

Hot little music site, My City VS Your City, compares the listening patterns of different cities based on LastFM user data.  It was built by German coder Michael Schieben after he attended this year’s Music HackDay.

But it’s great because though you always knew you lived in a cooler city than your friend–now you have evidence to back it up….and convince them to move!

rockin’ wines

I have to admit, I’m partial to a good cabernet….but I kind of base my wine choice on the label art (you know you do too).  Which is why I lust after the Wines That Rock label.  With artwork from Pink Floyd, the Rolling Stones, and Woodstock, these wines are great pairings with these musical classics.  The wine comes from the award-winning Mendocino Wine Company, so I’m betting it’s pretty tasty too.

“Traditionally you create the wine and then name it based on its personality. With these wines, we blasted the music in the cellar of the winery and developed a bottle of wine that captured the attitude of the music,” said Ron Roy, co-founder of Wines That Rock.

Very cool.  The three-pack of wine: “Forty Licks Merlot,” “Woodstock Chardonnay” and “The Dark Side of the Moon Cabernet Sauvignon” goes for about $50, and individual bottles sell for $16.99. All can be purchased at the Wines That Rock website.

Listening to Lex Land

I was watching Castle the other night, and I was amazed by all the great songs featured in the show.  It shouldn’t be too surprising though, as the show was nominated for the Emmy’s Outstanding Music Composition for a Series.

In the last few minutes of the episode, the melodic “My Fault, Your Mistake” came on (Season 2, Episode 1: “Deep in Death”).  I hadn’t heard this Norah Jones/Adele/Jewel amalgam before.

Some quick internet searches, I discovered the songbird was Lex Land.  A Texan by way of California.  This isn’t the first time her lyrical melodies have graced the small screen.  Her songs have also been in Brothers and Sisters, One Tree Hill, and Private Practice.

I bet we’re going to be hearing her much more.  Her songs are ideal for the intimately intense moments of drama tv.