Got a secret?

Can you keep it? This might not be too much of a secret….but my guilty pleasure is really bad teenage dramas. I’m not talking about Twilight, I do have standards. However, set me in front of Gossip Girl or Make It or Break It and I can’t look away. My new latest obsession has been Pretty Little Liars. It’s so bad I even had to read the books while the show was in hiatus. I can’t even claim I watch the show for the good music (like I did when I watched The OC) , because the music kind of sucks. However, I know the Little Liars would listen to better things. Especially Aria.

Aria Montgomery is Rosewood’s “weird girl.” In the books she was a loner who knitted mohair bras before the lovely Allison snatch her up from loserdom. I like her because she’s original. She has a vintage style and is very put together. Plus she has an illicit affair with the hot teacher. The girl has it going on.

Having spent a year abroad in Iceland, I feel her musical tastes would lean toward foreign bands. Without further ado, click here to see what’s playing on Aria’s Zune.


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