Record Store Day!

As many of you already know, today is Record Store Day! Record stores across the country are having special events, releases, give-aways, and concerts! To find a record store nearest you visit the Record Store Day website.

Many music websites have been posting lists of special releases that will be available today. Pitchfork has released their guide to the day and Paste just named 30 releases they believe are deserving of your dough.

We at Movies in the Newspaper are of course excited to jump into the record store action. But unlike our fellow music blogs we have decided to do something a little different. Today we will share with you the best of the worst. The worst album covers that is.

So without further ado:

MITN Presents: Top Ten Best of the Worst Album Covers Ever!

 (The juxtaposition of these two covers on this list was no happy accident)

We have no idea either.

Also the winner of the most depressing album cover ever

 This is just ridiculous on so many levels. MC Pooh?

 The best part of this cover? The fact that one of these men is now NY congressman.

And an added bonus:

Hope you enjoyed our best of the worst!

For more albums to avoid solely based on their terrible artwork check out these links.

Happy Record Store Day everyone!


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