What the What!!!

We’re back?! For real?!

That’s right. Movies in the Newspaper has returned and what better way to kick off our first Music Monday than with the most inspirational female television character on air today.

That’s right. Elizabeth Miervaldis Lemon.

We absolutely love Liz Lemon and her dysfunctional foodaholic ways and felt that the only way to properly kick off this blog was with her playlist.

Liz Lemon is a woman close to all our hearts. A hard working lady, Liz is the head writer of the often overlooked live comedy show TGS starring her best friend Jenna Maroney and fellow celebrity crazy Tracy Jordan. Her show and life is constantly under scrutiny by the Vice President of East Coast Television and Microwave Oven Programming for General Electric, Jack Donaghy. Liz Lemon puts up with a lot and doesn’t ask for much except for the occasional sandwich and a chance for true love.

Although Liz admits the word “lovers” bums her out unless it’s between the words meat and pizza, we all know she longs for a real-life Astronaut Mike Dexter to sweep her off her feet. Unfortunately, Liz has had some terrible boyfriends in the past and now says that her ideal romance would be to “ start a relationship about twelve years in, when you really don’t have to try anymore, and you can just sit around together and goof on TV shows, and then go to bed without anybody trying any funny business”.

Her relationship with food is a whole other story, one that we don’t have time for at the moment because we should really start talking about her playlist. But before we do, here’s a clip that blends both song and food in such a way that only Liz Lemon could:

While Liz doesn’t come off as the biggest music listener (she once said her favorite band is Amy Grant) we knew that couldn’t possibly be the case. After all, she went to elementary school with Sheryl Crow who she co-starred with as a pair of kidneys in their 5th grade musical. We know that Liz will sometimes belt out songs from Annie when no one’s looking. Not to mention her addiction to Sabor de Soledad…. it was only logical that we found so many food inspired songs on her “Blerg!” mix. However, the most surprising of all her songs is the very last track. It seems as though her sexual dysfunction as a result of a tragic childhood incident involving Tom Jones has been resolved.

So slip on your bi-curious shoes and dance along to the musical stylings of Liz Lemon!


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