Koothrappali’s Tunes

A witty little show you may not be watching is The Big Bang Theory.   The show is about a geeky group of physicists and how their world turns around when a hot neighbor moves next door. While the series is primarily about the hot neighbor, Penny, and the guys across the hall, Sheldon and Leonard, we wanted to feature someone else on the show: Rajesh Koothrappali.  He is the shy ine who doesn’t have many lines but often he steals the scence much like the Marx brothers’ Harpo…but instead of chasing girls, he is often found running away from them.

He is physically unable to speak in front of women, a condition Leonard’s psychiatric mother called selective mutism.  This social anxiety is suppressed with alcohol, but Koothrappali is an obnoxious drunk.

As you can guess by his name, Koothrappali is from India.  While he despises Indian food, we think he would listen to Bollywood classics.  He is obviously a fan of the genre, because when discovered a planetary object beyond the Kuiper Belt, he named it “PlanetBollywood.” Stayed tune for songs from Koothrappali’s iPod.


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