Oh Dear God.

Comfortably cuddled in my favorite chair, and watching Project Runway on Lifetime, I happened to glance up during a commercial break to see the channel’s brand new movie, The Pregnancy Pact. It’s based on true events (which occurred in Gloucester, MA, close to my hometown), about a bunch of teenagers who all get pregnant because they promised their bfff they would b/c she totes did too. OMG. And as if the premise wasn’t as…cringe-worthy as it could be, the ad for the movie premiere sends it over the deep end and plunging into the earth’s crust. They kind of pitch it as some sort of creepy scary story. I swear, it’s the same voice as the guy from all of those thriller movie previews. Really, Lifetime? Have you really already decided to pitch it from an obviously one-sided view? That’s not to say I support teen pregnancy, but it bothers me that the ads are already steering viewers in one direction.What do you think?


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