Obsessed With: Florence and the Machine

So, I like to run, you know, for exercise. At the beginning of every run, I like to kick off with a fun song to keep me going. Right now, that song is “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence and the Machine. Upbeat, happy, and kind of off-beat, this tune and music collaboration led by Florence Welch, released their first album, titled Lungs, in summer of 2009 out of the U.K. It jumped quickly up the top 40 chart, and now a second album, You’ve Got the Love, came out this month.

I absolutely LOVE Florence’s soul-y voice, and how she combines it with indie-rock. Here’s a video of “Dog Days Are Over”, so you can see what I am talking about.

So yeah, it is kind of exactly what one would expect from an indie video; I know I wasn’t too impressed by the concept of it, although it is well costumed. This may sound weird, but I love the way Florence’s mouth is gigantic and how she sings into the camera. It’s my favorite part of the vid, other than the glitter.

P.S. I could totally see this song being used in a commercial of some sort. I am thinking running shoes, obviously. Do you dig Florence and the Machine as much as me? I want to know!


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