rockin’ wines

I have to admit, I’m partial to a good cabernet….but I kind of base my wine choice on the label art (you know you do too).  Which is why I lust after the Wines That Rock label.  With artwork from Pink Floyd, the Rolling Stones, and Woodstock, these wines are great pairings with these musical classics.  The wine comes from the award-winning Mendocino Wine Company, so I’m betting it’s pretty tasty too.

“Traditionally you create the wine and then name it based on its personality. With these wines, we blasted the music in the cellar of the winery and developed a bottle of wine that captured the attitude of the music,” said Ron Roy, co-founder of Wines That Rock.

Very cool.  The three-pack of wine: “Forty Licks Merlot,” “Woodstock Chardonnay” and “The Dark Side of the Moon Cabernet Sauvignon” goes for about $50, and individual bottles sell for $16.99. All can be purchased at the Wines That Rock website.


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