Community’s Charm

001t48beI’ll be the first to admit it, I’m not generally a fan of most sitcoms.  They just aren’t funny.  I was dubious when I first started watching Community.  It’s about a community college in Colorado and all the misfits who wind up there ranging from a suspended lawyer (Joel McHale) to an elderly moist-towelette tycoon (Chevy Chase).

I must admit I started watching solely for John Oliver, the Daily Show correspondent.  It’s actually somewhat enjoyable.  The first show was a nod to the Breakfast Club in memory of John Hughes, which I thought was very sweet.  The cast has great comedic chemistry as well.  Just watch this video from the credits of one episode:


One thought on “Community’s Charm

  1. yeah, maybe it’s “not cool” to comment on your own blog…but I just wanted to tell you, DJ Huxtable, that that final scene made me laugh. Hard…great stuff.

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