the first signs of fall

Fall Tv

Living in Southern California, it is difficult to gauge the changing of the seasons.  No longer can I rely on the dropping of temperature or wait for the brilliant colors of fall foliage to appear.  The palm trees are still green and I’m not wearing scarves, but I know it’s fall for three reasons:

  1. The beaches are devoid of tourists.
  2. The kids have gone back to school.
  3. Countless of new shows are appearing on television.

The fall season is officially upon us.  So, it just makes sense that Movies in the Newspaper comes back to guide you through the new hits and old classics.  I’ve spent the past week watching all the premieres.  There are definitely some shows that should be missed (Vampires Diaries, you’re no True Blood so just stop trying) and some surprises (Modern Family actually provides some laughs).

What I noticed most after watching all these shows is the poor music selection.  Great songs can be used poorly when placed in the wrong scene.  Example: How I Met Your Mother’s use of Vampire Weekend’s “Oxford Comma” in the university scenes—right.  Use of Matt & Kim’s “Daylight” in Community—wrong.

Why?  HIMYM used the track subtly when introducing the classroom scenes. Community’s use of the jaunty little piano tune detracts from the character’s conversation.

Another poor music choice this past week: Ida Maria’s “Oh My God” in Eastwick.  I love Ida Maria and “Oh My God” is one of my favorites, but poor scene choice.  The scene is of the three main characters drunk on some mythical water splashing around in a fountain.  The song is too dark for this scene.  It’s obvious where the music supervisor was going with this choice: the song’s chorus: “Oh my god, you think I’m in control” offsets how the girls are obviously very much out of control.  We don’t need that to be spelled out for us though.  An out-of-control fun song would have been a better choice…one doesn’t reflect badly on the choices one makes during the night until the hangover settles in the next morning.


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