Sweet Videography and Effects Make Hybrid Ads Stand Outs

I’m sure you watch television. That’s why you like our blog. So I am also sure that you have seen the new Toyota Prius commercials as well as the Honda Insight commercials, both of which debuted this summer. Just in time for those road trips and ‘daycations’ (God, I hate that word), Toyota and Honda inspire one to go green and have fun doing it. First let us discuss Honda’s Insight ad.

It’s so cute! But, what you really need to know is the music: it’s The Mostar Diving Club with “Honey Tree”. On MySpace, he only has 607 friends…so by measure of obscurity via internet social sites, this guy is still pretty unkown to those besides the folks at Honda and his devoted followers. Also check out “Medicine Song”, another favorite of mine by him (the band is a solo project by Damian Katkhuda).

Here is one of the new Prius commercials, one of my favorite ads out right now. If you go to the Toyota website, there’s a video that talks about the making of the series of commercials. Pretty much involves green screens and computers. The artist is Petra Haden with her song “Let Your Love Flow”.

What do you think, do either of those commercials grab your attention enough to consider test driving one of these babies?


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