Palm Pre Girl Freaks Me Out.

Am I alone in that feeling?  The first commercial wasn’t bad:

Sure, it’s a little creepy that she’s alone on a rock surrounded by a dancing cult of orange-clad…ninjas?  Still, the scene is serene.  The number of times she says “life” and the flow-like nature of the ad is peacefully complimented by M83’s electric “Lower Your Eyelids to Die with the Sun.” (Although, come to think of it…..that title is not really comforting).

Then, all these spots with just the Palm Pre girl came out.  This one has to be the most disturbing.

She seems to be displaying almost schizophrenic-like symptoms.  She talks to people who aren’t there and even agrees that her phone (which, according to her can read her mind) knows she is crazy.  

She’s like this pale alien whose low hypnotic voice with constant pauses is a bit creepy.  Her (unofficial) twitter account (@palmpregirl) capitalizes on this with constant periods…it’s like you’re reading a telegram.


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