Bring the World to Television

So, I am trying to think of a way to get this ah-mazing band worked into some mentioning of what television show it should be on or whatever, but all I can come up with is something on the Travel Channel. Not like that’s a bad thing, because we all know how much I love TC. See? I love it so much I created an abbreviation for it. But this might be a bad sign of the times. Where is globalization in the television-watching communities? Because last time I checked, TV India and Japan are not readily available in my cable package. I thought this was the time that we are all supposed to be connecting to each other, through the Internet, business, transportation…but it is totally lacking in television. Is this a result of the demand of the average viewer? Do they absolutely love watching mental teens running around NYC in $5000000 headbands and socks? Or is that what the companies are giving them? I really don’t think the average American knows what they are missing out on in the rest of the world. And this under-publicized band is a prime example. Amadou & Mariam are part of the World Music scene, and have a new album out called ‘Welcome to Mali’.  Upon visiting their website, I realized that it is entirely in French, which I guess would be the first barrier to English-speaking music fans from learning more about them.  But you are in luck, because I took French in high school!

Amadou & Mariam have appeared in Glastonbury, Coachella, Lollapalooza, and their first album won two awards in the BBC Radio 3 Awards in the category of World Music, and they have recently grown in popularity since their first appearance together in the 1980’s. They are from Mali (a nation in western Africa), and here is their beautiful video from their new album. Which you all will love.


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