royal pains: not so much of a pain.

Once upon a time, I watched House, MD and Grey’s Anatomy with the rest of the millions of Americans. Then that got old. I moved on to get my drama-filled television from other professions….like drug dealers and cops.  No more medical dramas for me.  Lots of new medical dramas popped up this summer (mainly focusing on nurses).  I didn’t think I would be drawn to any of them until I happened to catch an episode of Royal Pains.

The lead character’s, Hank’s, life takes a bad turn when he loses his job.  He ends up in the Hamptons with his hilarious brother.  Being at the right place at the right time and doing what Hank does best (amazing doctoring), leads them into the business of concierge doctor services.

This show works because of the comedic chemistry between Hank and his brother, Evan.  Separately they would not be watchable.  Hank is too positive and upbeat (I guess USA is going with the anti-House model for TV doctors).  Evan is only after girls or money…usually a combo of both.  Together they have that great comedic chemistry of the guys from Psych (another USA great).  Also (unlike more recent Psych episodes) the show is well-written, with many clever lines sprinkled throughout and not just bestowed to the leads.  I’ll keep watching this summer. 



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