We interrupt this schedule programming to bring you an important message.

Hey kiddies.  Hope you’re enjoying summer!! Beaches, cool drinks, fireflies, bonfires, camping, running through sprinklers….summer truly is one of our favorite season here at Movies in the Newspaper.  It doesn’t hurt that both DJs’ birthdays happen in summer!!!

As such, we hope you don’t mind, but we feel we deserve some vacation time.  So, we’re going to do some traveling and R&R this next week….hopefully, we’ll return refreshed with new juicy music and television news to share!

Forgive us for not doing a show this week, but we need more time to capture the next character’s iPod. This one is a bit tricky, because we’ve decided to travel through time….back to our childhood.  Any guesses?  One hint….she was on Nickelodeon. Winner gets a prize!

140507 SG1

See you on 7/27!!!


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