Romance on a Rocketship

There’s many songs on my iPod that I would be embarrass to admit to liking, but sometimes it’s best to embrace your inner teenager.  Romance on a Rocketship falls into this category.  Romance on a Rocketship would definitely appeal to 13-16 year olds….it’s poppy electro beat is fun and filled with cliches.  I must admit, I was drawn in by the name: Romance on a Rocketship? Hell yeah. 

I couldn’t find much about Kasey Smith, the curly haired guy behind Romance on a Rocketship.  Except that he’s from Lebanon….Missouri.  That’s cool though…I can’t say that I know many people from Missouri.  He was in some other Missourian bands, but they’ve broken up….now it looks like he’s taking his side project, Romance on a Rocketship on fulltime. 


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