Say it Ain’t So

At Movies in the Newspaper, we’re not ones to support gossip….but I need to express my dismay at hearing that the Kings of Leon may be breaking up!  The rumors began when a fight started after the Brit Awards earlier this year.  But they kept on touring, and everything seemed to be forgotten until…

After headlining the T in the Park festival, Caleb Followill got so upset with his bandmates he smashed his guitar as the set finished and threw its broken frame into the crowd.  Rockstars will be rockstars.

Apparently the tiff was over to sound difficulties the band was having on stage.  Backstage, the fight was said to be escalating towards physical blows but their tour manager dragged Caleb away before it could come to that.  

Bands often get into disagreements, but it must be doubly rough having bandmates who are also family.  Caleb’s bandmates, Nathan and Jared, are his brothers and Matthew is his cousin. 

Hopefully, it will all blow over like most family feuds…but we’ll be keeping our eye out for any cancellations by the band.


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