No Billy Joel in This Kitchen


Chef, author, globetrotter…not only does that look really cool on a business card, but it also would make for a very sweet life.  Anthony Bourdain travels the world on his show, No Reservations, to eat and experience the culture of foreign locales.  Obviously a New Yorker, Bourdain occasionally intersperses curse words in his show.  He may be rough around the edges, but he is well-informed…thus, he has many fans.


He’s sort of the bad boy of travel hosts….a lot rougher than say…Samantha Brown.  Thus, it makes sense he is a fan of punk rock.  One of his books (The Nasty Bits) is dedicated to “Joey, Johnny, and Dee Dee” (The Ramones).  He also has had Queens of the Stone Age featured as dinner guests on his show.  His desert island disc is Fun House by The Stooges.


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