Stay classy, San Diego

When moving to a new town, it’s important to get yourself acclimated with the local weatherman.  I find meteorology to be a very interesting science. It’s part astronomy (on account of all that math) and part fortune telling (because there’s always just a “chance” of rain, snow, etc).  Being new to San Diego, I found a variety of different weathermen to choose from.  The house I’m living in is taken with Fox 5’s Kyle Hunter.  

Kyle entered the realm of television at the early age of 17, where he was an anchor of “The Morning Show” in his hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee.  

He once was introduced by Bob Barker as the “…rising young host in the United States.”  A fact he seems to be rather proud of as he promotes the fact on both his personal website and youtube account.  His voice has gotten much more Southern since his days on the Price is Right.  I suppose that is just more appealing in its obscurity to the CA demographic.

The video doesn’t really do justice to the nickname locals have bestowed on Kyle.  In certain circles, he is called TP Kyle….short for Tight Pants, because he likes the fitted trousers.


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