George Lass: Reaper

On this week’s discussion we mulled over George Lass, a Pacific Northwesterner who also happens to be dead.  Fresh out of high school, George was set onto her first day of work by her pushy mother where at her lunch  break she was struck by a toilet seat that was ejected from Russian spacecraft.  We think that that is a rather spectacular way to go…although George doesn’t quite go all the way. She becomes a grim reaper, a dead person walking among the living that takes people’s souls right before they die so they can go to heaven or wherever they go. The catch: as a reaper, you don’t look like yourself, don’t get paid, and cannot contact your family and friends without some bad outcomes. All of which George struggles with. She is the youngest reaper out of the group which she works with, which includes her boss and father figure Rube, a former druggie, a glamorous movie star, and a parking ticket officer. The reapers are assigned their appointments on Post-Its, of which they recieve at their meeting point, Der Waffle Haus. MITN wonders if Post-Its got some sort of deal with Dead Like Me…they get quite the exposure on the show.

George is a young moody soul, and this makes us think of angsty, moody music. As a child of the northwest, we like to believe that George’s iPod is packed full with grunge, including big names like Soundgarden, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam.


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