Riotous Scandinavian

Ida Maria

A local radio station touts Ida Maria as the “Next Big Thing.”  I have to agree; I can definitely see this Norwegian becoming a chart topper here in the States.  The UK has definitely warmed to her.  She was interviewed by The Times and has performed at Glastonbury Festival.  I actually saw her perform when she came to Brighton amid many fans screaming along to “Stella.” A friend of mine actually got to interview her for the radio station we were working for; he said she was very flirtatious. 

Her full name is Ida Mara Borli Sivertsen.  She grew up in the tiny Nordic university town of Nesna to parents who were both teachers and musicians. She studied music at a school run by missionaries.  Then she continued her music education at university and the Norwegian Youth Choir, until writing and performing overtook her time.


As a child, she was diagnosed with synesthesia, a condition that makes you experience sensations together.  In Ida Maria’s case, she sees color when she hears music.  What would Ida Maria’s music look like? Probably a riotous blend of colors.  Just listen:


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