Fiat and Panda Make a Statement

This new ad by Fiat features a Panda crash test dummy being thrown around in some car crunching lab tests. Making a statement for both the economical car and environmental conservation, this ad throws a double whammy to Europe. Although, it is kind of wierd to have a car that you are trying to sell being demolished and destroyed. I’m not sure if that was the right angle for the ad execs to go off on. However, it does draw attention to the panda, who I feel many people will have general concern for (and at least double the concern if they saw the baby panda sneezing video on YouTube).  Which is a very good thing, although it does simplify the whole ‘environmentalism’ movement and such. What makes this commercial even better is the fact that Queen’s “Save Me” is the song used. And I do love Queen. Fun fact: Brian May (guitarist from Queen) has a PhD in astronomy. Now I love them even more.


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