Nancy Botwin, Baroness of Bud

On our second podcast, slowly edging MITN’s way into the realm of the internet, we discussed Nancy Botwin, (formerly) of Agrestic, CA.

This hot mamma took up dealing ganja soon after her (first) husband died unexpectedly. But it can be difficult playing both a suburban mom and a bad-ass drug dealer simultaneously. You have to be tough, but matronly, and business-minded, but able to get dinner on the table by six. This is a woman who deals weed, but refuses to let her boys, or herself, smoke the stuff. Everyone knows it kills your brain. This two-sidedness of Nancy’s life seems to show through on her iPod, which contains a mix of both soft, chill melodies and hard core, rough punk. However, her independent nature shows through in both of her roles, which tend to bleed together. Her profession is no secret to her boys…and they are willing to use it to their advantage.

Despite Nancy’s success with her business, brought on by her (now lost) partnership with Conrad and bunch of goonie employees, she seems to draw bad luck as often as she does good. They say she can bat her big brown eyes out of any situation, making one wonder whether being a MILF in this kind of work really does help. Nancy Botwin. Mother, drug dealer, and bringer of trouble. This should make for one excellent playlist. Check it out here.


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