Plays piano and likes polaroids?? i’m sold.

ryanspeth1_thumbLike many children, I was encouraged to learn an instrument at a young age.  I took piano lessons because I liked the myriad of sounds that those 88 keys produced.  Therefore, it’s no surprise I appreciate a good piano medley like the kind that come from Chris Garneau.  He’s like the male equivalent of Regina Spektor.  This Brooklyn musician doesn’t limit his songs strictly to the piano; his songs are like an orchestra of sound with instruments ranging from cello, drums, harmonica, violin, and harmonium. 

His songs are like emotional rollercoasters taking you from lows to highs back to lows.  His sophomore album, El Radio, debuts in July.  It is a bit more darker than his first (Music for Tourists) with subjects ranging from death to pirates.  

In 2007, some of his songs (“Sad News” “Castle-Time” “Black & Blue”) were featured on Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice but I think this second album lends itself better to television.  The future looks very bright for Chris Garneau…and have I mentioned his polaroids?


On his website, Chris sells “Choose Your Own Adventure” photo series on polaroids.  Each Polaroid is signed and titled….and it comes “specially packaged” by Chris and his photographer, Grant Worth.  I’m not sure exactly what that means…but I want one!!!

He also has pretty neat music videos…they tell complex stories just like his songs: 


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