World travelers, Unite. In the comfort of your favorite recliner.

As the new-ish commercials airing on the Travel Channel (and other Discovery networks, I do believe), if you have the travel bug, an affliction that seems to flare up in the summer months, rest and a dose of the Travel Channel can help suppress symptoms. For me, a long-time sufferer, this almost seems to be true. Now that my undergraduate career is over, and I have limitless time with which to sort out my life plans, I tend to find myself dreaming of going to far away places, marrying a local, and living simply, while possibly travelling to surrounding lands. Instead of bringing these romantic ideas to life, mostly I end up on the couch, watching people travel about and wishing I was them. It’s hard to choose a show that cures my bug the most, but recently Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations seems to be doing the trick.

If you are not familiar with this particular program, Bourdain, a chef, writer, and world traveler, goes about to different countries, searching for the local ‘delicacies’ and activities that make a place it’s own. I’ve been watching for a while, and I think the episode that got me hooked was when Mr. Bourdain travelled to Japan. He had dinner with Japanese businessmen, drank large quantities of alcohol, and ate tons of sushi. His commentary, itinerary, and connections at all the locations he visits are really what drags me in. Also the fact that I am extremely jealous of Bourdain, unlike his Travel Channel co-worker Andrew Zimmern, who on Bizzare Foods (I think the title gives it away) visits exotic locations to eat “food” like rooster beaks and cow heads. And, I must say, he does not eat it delicately. Come on, crew, we could use without the close-ups of Andrew’s soft jaw working like a piston on a piece of cartilage. Nonetheless, whenever I feel the need to move out of the house, I just turn on the television, and fly away. I love you, Travel Channel.


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