Summer is Here!

So Movies in the Newspaper along with some of your other favorite shows may have gone off air, but gone are the days when summer is television code for the rerun season.

 There’s a slew of hot new shows are competing for your attention against summer blockbusters.  Any worth watching?  I’m not sure I haven’t yet tuned into any yet, but I can let you know what’s out there.  Among the reality shows with such gems like I Survived a Japanese Game Show (where Americans compete on a Japanese game show with all the ridiculous humiliation involved), Dating in the Dark (where couples date in the dark in attempts to find love based solely on personality), and More to Love (combines The Bachelor with The Biggest Loser), there are several new dramas.  Including a slew of medical dramas.  In case you’re having Grey’s Anatomy or House withdrawals.


mental4cce9First is MENTAL (premiering May 26 at 9pm on FOX). This medical mystery drama is essentially House for psychiatry. Dr. Jack Gallagher is an unorthodox psychiatrist who becomes Director of Mental Health Services in an LA hospital.  He takes on patients battling unknown and misunderstood psychiatric conditions.  The twist: he has an ability to get into the minds of his patients and see their view of reality, thus is able to deliver a correct diagnosis.



royal-painsThen there is Royal Pains (premiering June 4 at 10pm on USA).  This show is set in the Hamptons, home to the rich….and their lackeys.  Hank Lawson is the latter, a doctor who has recently been kicked out of his hospital for being blamed for the death of a hospital head honcho and being forced to take work as on on-call practitioner for the elite…the incredibly needy elite.



1233254077505_3_NurseJackie_mif_640_320Nurse Jackie (premiering June 8 at 10:30pm on Showtime)  is one of the two new nurse dramas.  This dark comedy features Edie Falco as Nurse Jackie, a cynical NYC ER nurse who snorts prescription painkillers….she takes Grey’s Anatomy’s Bailey to an all new level.


hawthorneHawthoRNe (premiering June 16 at 9pm on TNT) also features a strong female nurse.  Pinkett Smith is Christina Hawthorne, a no-nonsense nurse who wants every patient in her Richmond hospital to receive the best care.  Christina doesn’t have drug problems but she does have a rebellious teenage daughter so drugs might sneak into this show as well.




According to a poll by Boston Globe 41.4% of readers would prefer comedies for the summer months, compared to 39.1% would want drama.


Some comedies you can check out this summer include:


10-things-i-hate-about-you10 things I Hate About You (abc family july 7 8pm) Remember that amazing 1999 comedy starring Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger based on Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew.  Well, ABC Family thought it would be great as a sitcom.  Larry Miller is reprising his role as the overbearing father…looks like everyone is feeling the pain of this economic crisis.



SURVIVING SUBURBIASurviving Suburbia (abc Wednesdays 9:30)—You know what we need another sitcom that pokes fun at suburbanites…not.  But it will be interesting to see Bob Saget back in the sitcom role.




goodefamilyThe Goode Family(abc Wednesdays 9)—an animated sitcom from the King of the Hill creator Mike Judge pokes fun at environmentalists featuring a vegan-eating family, the Goodes, who lives by “What Would Al Gore Do?”




So grab a cool lemonade or daiquiri and relax….because if these shows don’t provide entertainment, you can count on Movies in the Newspaper to keep providing great music news for the rest of the summer.


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