Juneists. Old Album. Fluffy of Hate.

Hah. It is opposite day. Get it? The Decemberists. New Album. Hazards of Love. Yup. It came out pretty recently, and I have also recently listened to it. The whole thing is kind of like a rock orchestra play type deal, centered around a love story. While the vocabulary is too much for some, without it the Decemberists would be nowhere near as recognized as they are today. And since it is Variety Show day today, I just felt like going off on a tiny rant. Ahem.

Okay. Firstly, I love this band. I truly do. Picaresque? Crane Wife? Incredible. Secondly, I am in a grumpy mood. But anyways, I am really disappointed with this album. In fact, I don’t like it. It is boring, and dry, and boring and dry. I give credit if it makes for a good show, but I am not impressed and am saddened that people are reviewing this album as if it is absolutely excellent. It makes me wonder whether these people are being honest and just truly like it for it’s concept and Colin, or whether they are just trying to be hip and cool by liking the indie-pop nearly mainstream band. People that say they like things when they really don’t know? Or take a review word for word and say it’s their own (which I did notice, by the way)? Not cool. Sorry, but this does not get MITN stamp of approval. I would say more, but it’s not worth it. Sorry.


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