Guilty Pleasures.

skinsWe all have them. The cds we stash in the very back of our cd cases. The foods we love but will never admit to liking much less actually buying. And, of course, the television shows we immediately mute when anyone calls us while we’re watching. I have a slew of guilty pleasure shows. One of them happens to be Skins.

I have a love affair with all things British. So it’s no surprise that I was immediately drawn to Skins. The show is a teen drama based in Bristol, England that covers a myriad of controversial topics. The first episode opens with a quest to lose a character’s virginity, followed by a trip to a drug dealer/brothel owner, and an introduction of a character with an eating disorder.  So much drama, but that’s what makes it so addicting.  

The soundtrack compliments these teenagers’ wild lives.  Songs by Gossip, Bloc Party, The Hives, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs flit throughout scenes.  Alex Hancock, the music supervisor for the show, provides a really interesting recap of the songs for each episode on the show’s website.  He also tells you what he’s into at the moment, like cumbia villera: a fuse of hip hop and South American cumbia that makes me want to move to Argentina.  The theme song is more native to the show’s home of Britain.  It’s an electronic mashup by Fat Segal.

Isn’t it catchy? Just wait till you watch the show.


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