Real Fact #984–The Bad Eliots Rock

snapple_juiceSnapple claims to be “made from the best stuff on Earth.” I believe it.  These all-natural juices are amazing.  Plus, you get a fun little fact with each bottle, such as #787–Like fingerprints, everyone’s tongue print is different.  Keeping us hydrated and mentally stimulated…right on, Snapple.


And who could forget the Snapple Lady?


Oh, the 90s.  Well Snapple has changed a bit with the times.  The Snapple Lady has been fired and they started making things like AntiOxidant water?  I’m not sure what that is exactly, but I definitely loved the commercial.  A world covered in bubble wrap = totally awesome!

I couldn’t get the song out of my head for days after seeing the commercial.  The band is called the Bad Eliots.  The song, “Cat’s Meow.” Apparently it’s their only song.  But the four multi-talented NYC musicians that make up the band have impressive musical resumes.

Lead singer, James Rotondi has performed with the French band, Air and Grassy Knoll, a hip hop/free jazz fusion.  Drummer Anthony Citrinite is a founding member of punk rock band, The Smash-Up. Jony Matias is their bassist and also a member of The Crash Moderns, a fierce power-pop band.  While guitarist, Paul Riario is a member of one of New York’s most successful live cover bands, The Monster.

Hopefully, we’ll hear more from the Bad Eliots very soon.


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