Not Just Another Crime Show

So, I was talking to my mom the other night on the phone, and as she walked the house she immediately got the ‘sush’ from both my sister and my dad. Apparently, they were watching a really intriguing episode of “The Mentalist”, which airs on CBS (Tuesdays at 9pm ET, I might add: you’re welcome, CBS). This really caught my attention. Besides “American Idol”, there is really not much avid television watching at my parent’s house. So I decided to check it out. If you were not aware, the show is along the lines of CSI/Law and Order/any other crime show you can think of. Right off the bat, not too fresh; but just hold your horses for a second.

Simon Baker (credits include “The Guardian”, “Devil Wears Prada”) plays Patrick Jane, a suave California Bureau of Investigation consultant, who has a knack for solving tough crimes. Previously, he had a gig as a mentalist (hence the title); which he claims to have faked. This plus his narcissism and over-the-top showmanship makes a pretty interesting character. His superior Teresa Lisbon isn’t a fan, but the rest of his team likes him just fine. The big question: is he or isn’t he a psychic? I am a fan of the supernatural and the like, so this show is right up my alley.

The show website doesn’t have full episodes, so I guess I will have to wait and see on tuesday. But here is a promo for the show.


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