Gossip Girl Takes on Pop World.

blair Leighton Meester, who plays the catty Blair on Gossip Girl, has been trying to launch a singing career.  Her song “Birthday” was leaked onto the online world last week.  It sounded like any other actress wannabe pop star hit.  Read: really horrible. I didn’t think it was even worth commenting upon.  Yet another actor attempts…and ultimately fails…a music career.  It happens every day.

However, the newest scoop is that Meester wasn’t the first to give the song a try.  It was originally written for Joanna Pacitti.  Apparently Pacitti was on American Idol earlier this season.  I don’t know because I haven’t watched the show since early 2000 back when reality television was considered a novelty, not something that would totally engulf our airwaves.  Anyway, Pacitti was disqualified because she allegedly had affairs with Idol executives. Scandalous.

Miami indie band, Awesome New Republic, has also recorded a version of “Birthday.”  Somehow their take on the song doesn’t make me cringe quite as much as Meester’s.  Take this link to the Post’s article where you can listen to both versions and decide for yourself.


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