The House, MD Show: Featuring Dr. Gregory House

3881471Tonight we had the infamous Dr. Gregory House in the studio. He the Head of the Department of Diagnostic Medicine at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. First, we will give you some essential background information: House initially attended John Hopkins Medical School for training, but was expelled due to cheating. He finished his degree at University of Michigan, where he had a sexual encounter with his future boss, Lisa Cuddy. If you are wondering as to the cause of his characteristic limp, he suffered an infarction in his quadricep muscle, causing the tissue to die; he underwent surgery to minimize the pain, and contrary to his wish to possibly regain use of the leg, the muscle was removed altogether. House uses a steady flow of Vicodin to ease the pain, to which some say he has an addiction to.

In the interview, we discussed (well, listened to rantings) his theories of life and holier beings. Perhaps his experiences in medicine have hardened him into an atheist hard cookie. We also shared with him some words his colleagues use to describe him: misanthrope, cynic, curmudgeon, and cantakerous bitter pill, among others. During the session, we uncovered House’s dry wit and interesting style of diagnosis, in which Colleen was required to check and count her own pulse, only to find out she has a counting problem rather than a blood pressure problem.

Dr. Gregory House enjoys listening to  jazz, classic rock, and classical music and also happens to be an avid pianist himself. Check out the playlist to see exactly what is on his iPod.

While Dr. House’s music seems to be agreeable, and his experience in medicine par none, I feel that his hard shell  and bitingly honest remarks make him an unaccessible doctor. I haven’t decided yet who I would rather treat me out of the two doctors we have had on our show: Dr. Gregory House or Dr. John Dorian?

Listen to our interview here: Dr. House Interview


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