Buy Me A Mercedes, Please

So, I was looking through my extensive collection of “The Best of…” album on iTunes, and came across “The Best TV Ads Ever” album. Which I didn’t even know I had, but is going to be incredibly useful. Looking through the titles, I came across one called “Mercedes Benz”; pretty self-explanatory. And then saw it was Janis Joplin. And then listened to it. And then tried to find the commercial it came from. And found it. And then started getting critical with the world of consumerism and profit and how they took a song like Joplin’s (who  isn’t all about materialism) and used it for their own, literal purpose. And realized how stupid it makes Mercedes Benz look. But then I noticed that they were British. So it was all okay in the end.

Here is the commercial:

And here is the real song, sung by Janis: Mercedes Benz by Janis Joplin


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