Afterschool Special: Safe Sex

baloonsexAs an advertising major, I can get a little obsessed with design.  I’ve been known to go on rants about font types and argue about layouts…it’s a nerdiness in me that I try to keep in check, or at least only allow friends with communications majors to witness as they can usually relate or sympathize.  However, these friends aren’t aware of how deep my design disease runs…I’m a subscriber to many various design and advertising publications.  A growing number of condom adverts have been featured in these lately. I feel condom ads generally fall into two categories: really funny or disturbing.  You may recall January’s Durex ad falling into that latter category.  You know…the one with the condom balloon animals.

Lifestyles new Skyn condom ad falls in the former category.

One of my new favorites though is this Sagami condom ad.  It doesn’t fit either of the aforementioned categories…it proves that condom ads can be…well…touching.

Okay. So I realize I haven’t really been talking about music in this post.  When I think music in condom ads, my mind automatically goes to this ad from India.  

The song, whose repeating chorus lasts for apporx. six minutes, will definitely get stuck in your head.  For me it falls in that category of crazy foreign songs to annoy the roommates with. (Oh and I do have several…Chinese Laughing Song, anyone?)

I’ve got to say, I’m really becoming a fan of these Bollywood dance scenes.  I want the credits for my next video project to be just like Slumdog Millionaire!

Oh, and remember, sock that wanger before you bang her!  This public service announcement has been brought to you by Movies in the Newspaper.


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