Oh, reunion tours.  They are becoming quite the trend this year.  Countless bands have buried the hatchet; everyone from Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin to Spandau Ballet and Blur.  What is it about 2009 that makes irreconcilable musical differences suddenly become reconcilable?  I’m guessing it’s the economy.  Because, let’s face it, reunion tours are notorious for their money making power.  

But many bands lose fans this way.  You pay an insane amount of money to see one of your favorite bands for one last time and they don’t play any of the classics you know and love!! Nope, instead they play the new stuff from their new album…and it’s okay…but really it’s not why you came.  

X, the legendary 1970s LA punk group, is changing all that.  They have gotten back together to play a reunion tour, but they’re letting the fans pick the setlist!!  Ahead of time too, so they don’t have to decipher our screaming for “Los Angeles” during the show.

Visit, pick your city’s show and then vote for your top five favorites. 


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