Oh George Michael.

Tonight we interviewed the lovable, geeky, innocent, and somewhat incestuous George Michael Bluth of California. You should all know this teenage fellow from the dead series Arrested Development which originally aired on FOX.

What a cutie pie.

George Michael works at the Bluth Banana Stand down on the pier, where he is the manager, a.k.a. ‘Mr. Manager’. We tried hard to correct him, but with no luck. While he is not the most popular kid in school, George Michael canned a girlfriend, who is also not the most popular kid in school. Forgive me, the name escapes me…but I think it has something to do with eggs. And ham.

Anyways, George Michael and his father, Michael, have a very close relationship, and live in a model home with Michael’s sister, Lindsay, her strangely flamboyant husband, Tobias Funke, their daughter, Maebe, and Michael’s brother, Gob (pronounced ‘jobe’). When George Michael met Maebe, he liked her right away. Unfortunately, the two are cousins: a forbidden love, which George Michael tries to hide.

In the interview, we played word association, talked manliness, fashion, values, softball, spring break, and egg. You should listen (link at the end of the post).

George Michael has said to describe his audio interests to be mainly comedic and instructive. He especially enjoys the “Jerky Boyz”, which, due to FCC regulations, we are not allowed to play on air. Look at the playlist to see what else is on George Michael’s iPod.



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