Sexy Vegetarian Has Bubblegum Pop World Vision

ben-leeIt’s midterm week, so be forewarned that Colleen and I may be a wee bit distracted over the next couple of posts.  That said, I owe the inspiration for today’s posting to those insipid midterms.  For it was my midterm mix that reminded me of the goodness of “We’re All in this Together.”  My first thought was: Damn. That Ben Lee is one sexy vegetarian.  Then I thought about how most the world would been unaware of his existence without the advent of television.  The Aussie musician has been around for quite some time.  (He started his career at the ancient age of 14 with Noise Addict).  He’s released seven solo albums.  But his big break came with 2005’s Awake Is The New Sleep.  “Catch My Disease” ring a bell?  This song appeared in several television shows: Grey’s Anatomy, Hidden Palms, and Scrubs, along with movies, Just Friends and Deuce Bigalo: European Gigolo and countless commercials. 

His latest album, The Rebirth of Venus, was released last month.  As the title suggests, it is all about the power of femininity. A portion of its proceeds are to benefit FINCA International’s Village Banking program.  The press release states: FINCA “offers financial services, not charity, to the world’s lowest-income women entrepreneurs.  This creates jobs, builds assets and generally improves the standard of living in these destitute communities.” Thus explaining songs like “I’m a Woman, Too” and “Yoko Ono” appearing on the record.  His newest single “I Love Pop Music” is essential Ben Lee: wistful, romantic guitar pop.

Even though it’s bubblegum pop cheesy at times, I don’t think I would mind living in a Ben Lee world.

One of my favorite Ben Lee songs is “American Television.”  The music video is a brilliant parody and features Tiffani Thiessen…yep, it’s Kelly from Saved by the Bell.  She provides just one of the many 90s television references…can you identify the rest? 


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