Catching Up.

So, while I may be behind (by like, a full season), I am officially, totally 100% into Mad Men (on AMC: see

For those that are running up the rear of the hypothetical television cool-new-show marathon like me, Mad Men is a show set in the 1960’s about advertising execs in New York City at Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency. The main character is Don Draper, played by Jon Hamm (who won a Golden Globe for Best Actor for his part). Also in the show are Elisabeth Moss as Peggy, a Brooklyn native and graduate from Miss Deaver’s Secretarial School, as well as Christina Hedricks as Joan Holloway, office manager of the agency. Obviously, the acting and storyline is amazing (the show won a Golden Globe for Best TV Drama); but what Mad Men is often noted for is the costuming. Take Joan Holloway, pour example, who is praised for her success despite not being an actual living stick figure:

Ah-mazing. Love the way it is both conservative and sexy at the same time. If you want to see more of the fashions on the show, just go to the Fashion Files link under the Mad Men homepage on AMC. I wish I lived in the ’60’s so I could dress like that everyday without looking like a fool, (but without the patriarchal white-bread society thing).

On the topic of music, the soundtrack is an excellent sampler of the best from the ’60’s. Vic Damone singing “On the Street Where You Live” is absolutely beautiful. I know I am definitely hooked, and cannot wait to watch the next episodes. But don’t take my word for it. You should get hooked, too. I am a sucker for really good opening credits…watch, listen, and love. By the way, the song is “A Beautiful Mine” by RJD2.


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