The OC Show: Featuring Seth Cohen


Dorky in a loveable way. Hilariously funny. Amazing music taste.  Seth Cohen is a girl’s dream guy….at least, this girl’s.  So, I was beyond excited to host him here in our studio this week.  Colleen was less so…but I suspected even she was affected by Seth’s charm. 

Seth Cohen’s major problem is that most people he encounters don’t get him.  He’s not a seterotypical Newport Beach guy…thank god. He’s so beyond them with his impeccable hipster clothes and witty pop-culture filled one-liners.

And let’s not forget the music. Cohen’s favorite band is Death Cab for Cutie.  He has Death Cab posters in his room, plays Death Cab in his car, and even gives Death Cab cds to girls he likes.   He admitted to once giving two girls the same gift…the self-dubbed: “Seth Cohen Starter Pack” which was filled with his favorite things.  Awesome idea….but also not very cool.  Note to guys: DO NOT buy two girls the same thing.   Also, be careful when buying two girls different gifts.  She’ll be upset when she’s expecting the fancy bracelet she discovered in your coat pocket and you just give her a blanket.  So, best advice, guys.  One girl at a time….or you’re likely to end up with no girl.

Personal rant aside.  I totally wouldn’t mind receiving a Seth Cohen Starter Pack.  Its contents included: The Goonies, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, and albums by The Shins, Death Cab, and Bright Eyes.

Many haters are outraged by this so-called “Seth Cohen rock.”  They hate that this geeky upper class white kid brought their precious indie rock to the mainstream.  I couldn’t imagine a world without the OC music…actually I could but it’s a frightening place…Modest Mouse never breaks into the mainstream and disbands.  Death Cab gets left in the cold as well, so nobody ends up caring about Postal Service  except a few eccentric Seattle-ites.  Instead, we’re hounded by frat rock.   Those like David Cook and Chris Daughtry become lauded as the best artists of our time…it’s the mid 1990s all over again.  Which sucks.  So stop hating.  And thank the kid for filling our airwaves with smart, passion-filled music instead of more Britney Spears.


Listen to our interview here:

Seth Cohen Interview


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