Rave and Run

nikeplus_heroA long time ago, I took up running.  I’m not a runner.  Never have been.  My friends, most of them cross country stars, convinced me my long legs would make me a natural runner…they didn’t.  That’s when I turned to crystal meth…the band, The Crystal Method (TCM).

The year was 2006 and Nike and Apple had teamed together to create a runner’s dream gizmo, which informed the runner about everything from time and distance to pacing and calories burned.  I didn’t need all this crazy data…but I did need motivating music.  Songs from The Crystal Method appeared in a number of Nike Plus ads that year.

Such as this one:

The Crystal Method created a 45 minute workout mix for this Apple/Nike lovefest.  The album was entitled Drive and followed the arc of a typical distance runner: warm-up, peak, cool-down.  After seeing the commerical, I liked the music and decided to give it a try.  It didn’t instantly make me into a record breaker, but I did manage to keep the pace with my friends.


Electronic music has always been body-related…(it’s super fun to dance to!), so it makes sense for TCM to be sponsoring sports.  I still listen to them time to time….I don’t do much running anymore but they’re good for powering through a paper at 3am.  That said, I can’t wait for more late night inspiration that surely will be provided from their newest work, Divided by Night, which is to be released in May.  It features more guest artists than any other The Crystal Method’s albums.  These guests include: Peter Hook (New Order and Joy Division), Matisyahu, Emily Haines (Metric), and Justin Warfield (She Wants Revenge).  An interesting group…but I wouldn’t mind going raving with any of them any day.


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