Destination: Rockville, CA

rockville Oh, look. Another post about a webseries. What can I say? I have an addiction. 


Rockville, CA is a new webseries by Josh Schwartz (the guy who gave us Gossip Girl and The OC).  He’s teamed up with my idol, Alexandra Patsavas (music supervisor for a slew of television shows, including Gossip Girl and Grey’s Anatomy) to create a music-themed romantic comedy revolving around a fake LA rock club, Club Rockville.


I was really excited when I first heard about the show. Twentysomethings discussing music, falling in love with the wrong people, and then talking about how they’ve fallen in love with the wrong people?  It sounded like two of my all-time favorite television shows, Love Monkey and Quarterlife, spent all night dancing at a club, hooked up to have dirty drunken sex, and then produced an illegitimate offspring.  Totally awesome, right?


Maybe they should have used a condom.  The promo was a big disappointment, oozing with WB cheese.   I still have high hopes.  The bands lined up for the show include: Frightened Rabbit, The Republic Tigers, Oppenheimer, The Little Ones, Lykke Li, The Kooks, Passion Pit, and White Lies.


And here’s the cool thing: all the bands are recorded live.  That’s right.  No playblack or lip-synchs for this show. So, I’ll be watching on the March 17th premiere date.   Will you? 


One thought on “Destination: Rockville, CA

  1. The bands scheduled to play are pretty awesome, though during the actual show their performances and music are used more as a theme, seeing as how each episode is about 4 mins. long it would be hard to highlight a band in that time.

    But! Don’t fret, once everything starts the site Rockville, CA ( will have two live performances from each band available for streaming.

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