The Lost Show: Featuring Hugo Reyes


Tonight Hurley visited the studio and chatted briefly with us about the island, his golf course…until the hatch exploded and he disappeared. Fortunately for us, his iPod was left behind, filled with wonderfully beachy and vintage tunes.

But before we delve into the music, lets talk Hurley. Hugo Reyes, a.k.a Hurley, is a Miami native. As a child he developed an overeating disorder when his father left, and as an adult he became hospitalized with a mental disorder when a deck collapsed at a party after he walked onto it.  Hurley was released from the mental hospital, and for Mr. Cluck’s before winning the lottery (with the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42, the sequence of which was repeated by a fellow patient in the institution). After winning, Hurley’s luck changed for the worse (including the demise of Mr. Cluck’s and the return of his father). Being superstitious, Hurley traveled to Australia to discover the meaning behind the numbers.

Of course, it was on the return flight from Australia to Los Angeles that Hurley and the Oceanic crew crashed onto the island…leading to a string of mysterious and often confusing events. On the island, Hurley was well-liked and only seemed to have a riff with Sawyer (but hey, who doesn’t?). From upkeep of the basecamp to being a friend to those in need, Hurley is an integral part of the island community. He also happens to be the only survivor with a working cd player (which eventually runs out of battery).

To start off the music, we played “Shambala” by Three Dog Night. If you are a Lostie, you would remember the Dharma van that Hurley found and managed to get started:

Probably one of my favorite happy moments of Hurley’s time on the island. It just shows how optimistic and driven (no pun intended) he is, and highlights his friendship with the late Charlie. While we are talking about Charlie (from the one hit wonder band Driveshaft), Hurley came across the CD in a used music store, and couldn’t remember the lyrics to “You Are Everybody”. We played this song during our first show; Hurley’s musical taste is slightly different from the pre-packaged rock format, which explains why it isn’t anywhere on his “Top 25 Most Played” list.

One the most chill songs on Hurley’s iPod is most definitely “Wash Away” by Joe Purdy; Hurley listens to this tune the day of the plane crash, and it has a nice beachy feel. Another summery happy song that Hurley loves is The Uniques with “My Conversation”. It happens to be playing in a fantasy where Hurley is in the fully-stocked food pantry of the Hatch.

Showcasing Hurley’s love of older tunes, we played Buddy Holly’s “Everyday”, and James Brown with “I Got You (I Feel Good)”. Hurley sang James Brown when he was trying to cheer up Aaron, Claire’s little baby boy born on the island. It didn’t work.

So, what did we learn today about Hugo Reyes? While he may be considered crazy by some (including himself), he is the most down-to-earth, kind and lovable person on the island. He also has great taste in music.

If you want to see the full playlist from Hurley’s iPod, you can go to our Playlist tab at the top of the page.

Listen to the interview:

Hurley Interview


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